Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Holy Week Travel Tips

Oftentimes, travel is set during  Holy Week when the days off from work are longer. However, we need to be extra vigilant when we travel, so, to avoid mishap or any untoward incident.

The following are tips you may like to consider:

  1. Before you leave your house, make sure that every appliance is unplugged. Turn off main switch if necessary.  But, if someone is left at home, then, making sure of your communication medium  should be needed. 
  2. Should you need to commute or travel to other country or place,  make sure that you have with you your travel documents including passports, visa, IDs and alike. Photocopy them if you must.
  3. Bring a first - aid kit. Bring your prescription for medicines you need to bring. 
  4. If you need to travel by car,  remember to take note of BLOWBAG  (brake, lights, oil, water, battery, air and gas). Have your car well checked before any travel. 
  5. Remember to inform your parents or friends of your travel, expected dates of arrival and return.
  6. It is smarter too to know the conditions of the road, weather and alike when you travel, so, you can prepare. 
  7. Scout for beautiful landmarks along your travel or in your travel destination. 
  8. Acquire souvenir items or check out novelty equipment from shop.
  9. For your meditation, make sure that where you will be heading shall provide the needed time and peace for reflection. 
  10. Lastly, make sure to have fun and to enjoy your vacation / travel but always take the needed precaution. Be safe!

Marathon Checklist

Now that you have well trained for the draining and dragging 42km, you don't want to spoil your weeks of training by forgetting a thing or two on race day.

running Davao Phoenix Marathon

So, before you hit the bed for your needed bed rest before the race time, check if the following is ready and up for grabbing:

  • Utility Hydration Belt. While marathons do provide strategic water stations, it still pays off to have your own hydration belt to keep you hydrated until the next water station. This should also house your energy gel, analgesic cream, cellphone and loose money.
  • Hydration Food / Drink. Make sure though that all the food / drink that you have are previously tried, so, not to encourage any stomach upset.
  • Race gadget. If you like to keep occupied with music or at least be conscious with your pacing / time, then have your music player and / pedometer / heart monitor charged. 
  • Race kit. Have your race bib, your singlet, and other race accessories needed for the race.
  • Race apparel.  Have your singlet, running shorts, socks, shoes and other race gear that you need ready, so, you don't have to waste time finding them from your closets or bags.
  • Other accessories. Should you run in daytime, then, visor and sunglasses can be smart. Depending on the weather conditions or on the terrain where you would run, remember to bring what must be needed to make the run convenient. These may include sunblock, pole, scarf, extra shoes or / and socks. 

Yoga and Music Therapy For You

 Yoga stances are known to  improve flexibility, stamina and balance. And, as experts promote this activity to improve not only physiological state but also to stabilize or to improve emotional well - being.

The Yoga stances can be quite tough for newbies but as we get used to the moves, we eventually acquire the needed flexibility.

But, how can Yoga and Music relate to therapy? If you are simply too stressed from all the worries and strains from work  or family, listening to classic and doing gentle yoga can quite move your focus away from the mental stress and helps you relax.

You may not opt to go for yoga and simply want a more active physical exercise. The point is to find a recreational activity to relieve stress and to have music with any musical instrument among others that complement your recreation can be a perfect blend for therapy.

GoldenState Little College Moving Up - Costume Party

March is a happy occasion for most students, parents and teachers as this would mean having long break for the next school year and  transition period to higher grade or year level.

So, we are only happier to see my kid and nephew along with their classmates on their Moving - Day / Recognition on their masquerade apparel.

The kids were a total delight as they danced and sang on their fancy costumes. Now, that school is over, we can only think of ways how to maximize school break, so, it would be less boring for the kids.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Team Matutum Official Singlet

sporting the singlet alone

with my Team Matutum mates
Before the marathon race last March 10, 2013, my fellow Team Matutum runners had initiated to start a marathon singlet. While it was smarter to try something new on the race day, as usual, I did run 42km with the new singlet on. We were however reminded not to let non - Team Matutum use it.

With the big "T - M" sewn  on front and back sides of the singlet with reflectors on and "Team Matutum" name, other runners could identify us well.

But what is in a name and uniform? I can only think of associating character and quality with it just like if we use products  from gadgets or inklings like reading from sports or cigars magazine or acquire from services.

So, wear your uniform with pride!

Running Your First Marathon with Style

my fellow Team Galloway
 I did run my first ultra marathon of 63km without due training, so, I ended up with knee and hip pains from early part of the run and patches of blisters on both feet.

So, I could only train harder but from my peak week, I had to recuperate from ankle and calf sprains. These compelled me to buy calf and ankle supports and made me realize to strengthen more my ankle and calves for the next marathon.

my fellow Team Matutum marathoners
 In spite then of the blisters I had from kilometer 4 and ankle pains at 30km, I simply set my mind on running the race and minding my pacing and form to make sure that I arrived the finish line before the cut - off hours. A Galloway strategy of interval walk and runs did help a lot too that I was able to run through all the 42km with steady pacing while half of the total runners lagged behind.

Running a marathon is never easy; it is then imperative that a training program is observed and that hard work and discipline is exercised. But, a lesson too must be imparted that is to know when to slow down especially if recovering from injury.

finishing the race with pride and strength
With training, mindset  and support system, I reached the finish line at 5:40 hours. It may not be my best time but having completed the race all mattered to me.

So, good luck to your marathon! Don't forget that nothing replaces training, diet and mindset.