Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marathon Checklist

Now that you have well trained for the draining and dragging 42km, you don't want to spoil your weeks of training by forgetting a thing or two on race day.

running Davao Phoenix Marathon

So, before you hit the bed for your needed bed rest before the race time, check if the following is ready and up for grabbing:

  • Utility Hydration Belt. While marathons do provide strategic water stations, it still pays off to have your own hydration belt to keep you hydrated until the next water station. This should also house your energy gel, analgesic cream, cellphone and loose money.
  • Hydration Food / Drink. Make sure though that all the food / drink that you have are previously tried, so, not to encourage any stomach upset.
  • Race gadget. If you like to keep occupied with music or at least be conscious with your pacing / time, then have your music player and / pedometer / heart monitor charged. 
  • Race kit. Have your race bib, your singlet, and other race accessories needed for the race.
  • Race apparel.  Have your singlet, running shorts, socks, shoes and other race gear that you need ready, so, you don't have to waste time finding them from your closets or bags.
  • Other accessories. Should you run in daytime, then, visor and sunglasses can be smart. Depending on the weather conditions or on the terrain where you would run, remember to bring what must be needed to make the run convenient. These may include sunblock, pole, scarf, extra shoes or / and socks.