Monday, March 11, 2013

Running Your First Marathon with Style

my fellow Team Galloway
 I did run my first ultra marathon of 63km without due training, so, I ended up with knee and hip pains from early part of the run and patches of blisters on both feet.

So, I could only train harder but from my peak week, I had to recuperate from ankle and calf sprains. These compelled me to buy calf and ankle supports and made me realize to strengthen more my ankle and calves for the next marathon.

my fellow Team Matutum marathoners
 In spite then of the blisters I had from kilometer 4 and ankle pains at 30km, I simply set my mind on running the race and minding my pacing and form to make sure that I arrived the finish line before the cut - off hours. A Galloway strategy of interval walk and runs did help a lot too that I was able to run through all the 42km with steady pacing while half of the total runners lagged behind.

Running a marathon is never easy; it is then imperative that a training program is observed and that hard work and discipline is exercised. But, a lesson too must be imparted that is to know when to slow down especially if recovering from injury.

finishing the race with pride and strength
With training, mindset  and support system, I reached the finish line at 5:40 hours. It may not be my best time but having completed the race all mattered to me.

So, good luck to your marathon! Don't forget that nothing replaces training, diet and mindset.