Monday, March 11, 2013

Team Matutum Official Singlet

sporting the singlet alone

with my Team Matutum mates
Before the marathon race last March 10, 2013, my fellow Team Matutum runners had initiated to start a marathon singlet. While it was smarter to try something new on the race day, as usual, I did run 42km with the new singlet on. We were however reminded not to let non - Team Matutum use it.

With the big "T - M" sewn  on front and back sides of the singlet with reflectors on and "Team Matutum" name, other runners could identify us well.

But what is in a name and uniform? I can only think of associating character and quality with it just like if we use products  from gadgets or inklings like reading from sports or cigars magazine or acquire from services.

So, wear your uniform with pride!