Monday, April 15, 2013

Running Without Shoes

running with barefoot advocates from the South 
It has been two straight weeks that I have been running on bare feet and I could not only complain as I have been having trouble with running in shoes. Blame it though with my wrong running form that I tend not to mind when the distance becomes longer.

So, from having regular blisters, and ankle pains, I decided to forego my running shoes and run bare just, so, I can correct my form.
my longest barefoot run
So, to motivate others to  run barefoot and to invest on running form, I could only ask friends and family to capture every moment possible. Good thing, there is best selection of eneloop ready for our camera.

Barefoot running has its perks  and its lapses too; in fact, experts have various conviction for and against barefoot running. For now, barefoot run works for me. So, you too can try it. Simply walk bare and run no more than 10% of your last week's performance.

Further, society may find it unusual to see runners on bare feet but I guess running feet naked has been the trend and will always be. 

How to Dye Your Hair

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Disclaimer: I am no expert in parlor services. This post only accounts my actual experience with hair color.

I had my model with gray hair, and so we want to change her usual black hair to brown that is appropriate to her age.

To dye her hair, I observed the following:

  • Used a dark towel around her to cover clothes from staining.  On top of this, I used a magnetic cape to further protect my model. 
  • I prepared my dyeing kit to include a small bowl,  a brush, clips,  lotion / petroleum jelly, rattail comb, alcohol - based facial toner to remove the stain.
  • Depending on the kind of dye, you may use a developer of 10% if the shade desired has to be darker or 20% for lighter shade.
  • Ideally, you may want to color test  on quarter to an inch of your hair just above your ear before proceeding.
  • If the hair is long, I had to use the clips to section the hair. With the rattail comb, I drew out a thin layer of the hair and apply the treatment.
  • Depending on the treatment, you can leave if for  30 minutes to one hour.
  • Rinse the hair well with a conditioner or a hot oil.
  • Let it air dry or blow dry at minimum heat.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Location for Kreativ Family Salon

After a bleak period of holding the family salon along a commercialized area, we have decided to give up the old place and simply relocate it within the family compound lot.

While it was discouraging that a big portion of resources were wasted when we decided to leave, I guess it was more smart to just let go.

Good thing though that the construction  of the relocated family salon was realized together with my partner and an acquaintance - carpenter.

So, with stuffs from the old place and construction tools, equipment and accessories including bolts, we were able to construct the place. It only needs the ones who would man the saloon, and we are set to operate.

How to Relax a Hair

Disclaimer: This is only an account of how I started learning how to relax hair and not at all an expert in hair treatment

Owning  a beauty salon is a difficult feat especially if you don't  have any background with the services and worse, if you get the wrong people to work for you.

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So, having closed my beauty salon after my beauticians abruptly abandoned me, I could only learn the trick and trade of beauty salon services and go through a formal training.

My model had a wavy long hair, so, I used a commercially available relaxer for the treatment.

  1. After the hair was was washed with shampoo, I applied the treatment on the thinly sectioned hair. 
  2. As I applied the hair treatment, I was more conscious that the treatment would  hit the bare skin of my model as the treatment can be harmful.
  3. I pulled through the treatment from a few - millimeter - away roots down to midway part of the hair, as the hair is slightly damaged. 
  4. I left the treatment on for 45 minutes, and extended the rest of the medicines to the last tip for additional 15 minutes.
  5. After an hour of treatment, I had to wash of the relaxer well with pouring water and applied hot oil for moisture.
  6. A blower had commenced the job and asked my model not to wash her hair for two days.
To keep the hair moisturized, it is important that deep conditioning or moisturizing treatment can be applied once a week. To avoid further damaging your hair, keep at low - medium temperature your usage of blower, flat irons, or curlers. 

Remember that it would be smarter if we allow professional beauticians attend to our beauty salon services for quality works.