Monday, April 15, 2013

Running Without Shoes

running with barefoot advocates from the South 
It has been two straight weeks that I have been running on bare feet and I could not only complain as I have been having trouble with running in shoes. Blame it though with my wrong running form that I tend not to mind when the distance becomes longer.

So, from having regular blisters, and ankle pains, I decided to forego my running shoes and run bare just, so, I can correct my form.
my longest barefoot run
So, to motivate others to  run barefoot and to invest on running form, I could only ask friends and family to capture every moment possible. Good thing, there is best selection of eneloop ready for our camera.

Barefoot running has its perks  and its lapses too; in fact, experts have various conviction for and against barefoot running. For now, barefoot run works for me. So, you too can try it. Simply walk bare and run no more than 10% of your last week's performance.

Further, society may find it unusual to see runners on bare feet but I guess running feet naked has been the trend and will always be.