Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Make Your Own Barefoot Slippers

shoe soles
photo source:
Making your own barefoot slippers are easy. In fact, you can do these all by yourself and with the right materials on hand, an hour or two would suffice to start your own barefoot slippers.

So, what do you actually need? You must have the following:

  • inner and outer slipper / shoe sole. Look for leather or rubber thin sole
  • rubber / leather glue to hold the shoe lace with the soles 
  • long shoe lace
  • easy - grip utility knife from
  • pen
  • sole puncher


  1. Measure your feet on the outer sole.
  2. Cut the sole around the measurement. Give a half inch allowance.
  3. Cut the inner sole;
  4. Rub some rubber / leather glue on outer soles;
  5. Punch  the middle  hole on your inner sole;
  6. Rub some glue on your inner sole and attach your shoe lace;
  7. Leave the soles for 20 - 25 minutes of air dry depending on your glue;
  8. Patch the soles together.
  9. Punch   the outer soles;
  10. Fit your slippers and wrap your shoe laces into the outer holes. 
  11. Run on these slippers and adjust if necessary. 

Elegant Barefoot Slippers

On most cases, barefoot running requires nothing; but, since I am new to unorthodox unshod runs, I could only be more cautious. So, with medical plasters around my toes, I settle for the advises  of barefoot veterans which include smaller but faster steps to propel me forward.

my first 21km race on bare feet

But, when we happen to see barefoot slippers online but just simply too expensive to purchase, we have to make our own customized barefoot slippers and claim them.
my first barefoot slipper only with loose shoe laces and random beads at home
So, with available long shoe laces, old collection of beads, and some soles from local stores, we crafted our own slippers.
customizing my slippers to different colors and beads available

adding more color and intricacy to my slippers
There are no hard rules for the design. I guess the idea is just to be creative about it and make sure that the accessory won't unnecessarily stop you from running.

red big beads fro a lady friend - runner

We used only shoe laces and thicker threads. I shall soon used nylons, so, I can fancy the designs some more.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wanted: Zumba and Yoga Apparel

As part of my cross training for running, I join Zumba and Yoga for added flexibility, stamina, endurance and at least, not get too focused with running and get bored.

my zumba fit and sometimes for yoga too;
from Kreativ Boutique; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
But, with all the running, zumba and yoga at least 2x a week, getting all the right apparel seems scarce and stressful. So, in between my aerobic workout apparel, I use my old running singlets but of course, with drawback.

Wearing the right apparel during a workout can make the routine more comfy and easier. And, as you groove with all the music among others, your apparel shall be the least of your concerns.

So, scout at shopping centers near you, or even check online for the most appropriate attire and just nail the workout fun and nice.

Creative and Stylish Barefot Sandals

with fellow barefoot runners and a minimalist
Chronic foot injury forced me try barefoot running and I was pretty surprised of the result as the usual ankle injury was not at all experienced.

So, except for the foot blisters with my unusual running form, I was perfectly ok with barefoot running. So, far, I had covered only 12km on bare feet. And, since I needed to go farther distance, my husband and I decided to have our own minimalist slippers.
wearing my minimalist footwear for running; handiworks: Arnel Joshua Lim
My running was ok on slippers except  for the lower calf strain that I felt in the first 10km. I assumed it was from the slippers, that, I took them off for the remaining distance. And, the pain vanished.

Now, we have a new design, and I shall put them to test tomorrow. While the society seems surprised seeing barefoot runners, for barefoot advocates, this kind of running is way better than wearing shoes.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Practical Tips When Moving Out

Moving to a new place can be equally exciting and stressful but once you decide to move to a new home, you just have to plan out the move to make it stress – free for everyone including your kids.

When I decided to leave my home and job for seven (7) years and relocate, it took me several months to straighten things out. Good thing though that having a check list made the relocation much manageable.

photo source:

Here are my practical tips:
  • If you are moving with your children, explain the need for relocation. They shall be equally stressed as they leave their home, school and friends. Give them time to get used to the idea of moving out.  Letting them get used to the new place would mean letting them participate in choosing a new home, designing it, touring around the new area and its neighborhood and other inputs to make them equally own the move.
  • With your spouse, kids or family members identify home stuffs that need to be tossed ( or sold for supplemental moving – out resource) or be moved to the new place. Properly label boxes like if they are supposed to be fragile, clothing, toys, and alike for easier identification. A check – list of stuffs to bring can be quite handy. Packing by rooms can be quite smart too for easier reloading.
  • Inform companies, friends or relatives  of your supposed to be new address like if there are  communications from credit cards and other bills.
  • Settle bills – phone, electricity,  water or  rent / lease before you move out.
  • Keep documents like IDs, passports, birth / marriage / employment certificates all intact. You may have a special  box for all of these, so, they wont be misplaced. 
  • Plan out how you should transport all your furniture / appliances / clothing to a new place. You may hire a local mover, get aid from friends, rent a van or simply transport them through air / sea fare services. This would include too how and when you and your family shall relocate.
  • Be organized when you pack your stuffs. You may color coordinate your boxes like black for kitchen, red for master bedroom and alike. However, care should be noted for stuffs that are fragile. When you pack, place bigger stuffs at the bottom and smaller delicate ones above. This would apply to furniture, glasses, toys and alike. String well your boxes after you taped them, so, they won’t be dislodged.
  • Lastly, moving out can be more hassle free if you have plenty of time with you to settle stuffs from your old home to your new place. Hire help if  you must, prepare a check list too and simply enjoy the transition.

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Wheels of Hope Continues to Give Hope

When you are unfortunately stricken by polio,  amputated for unexpected incident or simply can't walk for other reasons, you can't help but feel helpless and disillusioned.

While some may be able to support their physical inadequacy, this is not at all the case for some who are financially constrained.  A standard wheel chair will typically cost around PHP 3000.00 and for  families who cant barely provide meals three times a day, a wheel chair is least of their concerns.  This has been the goal of Mason Dadiangas Lodge No. 225 since the birth of Wheels of Hope Run last year.

The Wheels of Hope Year 1 was swarmed with elite and fun runners

With more than 300 runners who participated in one of the best organized fun runs in General Santos City, the Wheels of Hope or simply the WOH had provided wheel chairs along with other assistance among at least 16 families.

one of the wheelchair recipients of Wheels of Hope Run Year 1

While the number of assistance rendered from the last WOH is overwhelming, this alone would not suffice as   more is needed to address the demand of those who are in dire need for wheel chairs.

promotional poster of WOH Year 2

You too can help as Wheels of Hope Run continues its wheelchair program and it shall unfold on June 9, 2013 with 3km / 5km / 10km race categories at East Asia Royal Hotel parking grounds, General Santos City. Your registration fee of Php  250.00 shall include a race singlet and race kit or you may pay Php 100.00 for race kit alone.  Elementary and high school students may avail of discounted registration.  Medals and cash prizes await top 3 finishers from the male and female categories of 5km and 10km race.

Registration shall start on May 9, 2013 at  New Helen Marketing, National Highway, Almar Marketing, Magsaysay Avenue or at Kreativ Boutique, Upper Level, Gaisano Mall, Gensan City. For more details, you may find them on Facebook  at  or you may contact this number, 0923-131-8784.

Let us make a difference to the ones who need help, let us give HOPE to the ones who see nothing of it. Join Wheels of Hope Run Year 2. See you on the road!