Friday, May 17, 2013

Creative and Stylish Barefot Sandals

with fellow barefoot runners and a minimalist
Chronic foot injury forced me try barefoot running and I was pretty surprised of the result as the usual ankle injury was not at all experienced.

So, except for the foot blisters with my unusual running form, I was perfectly ok with barefoot running. So, far, I had covered only 12km on bare feet. And, since I needed to go farther distance, my husband and I decided to have our own minimalist slippers.
wearing my minimalist footwear for running; handiworks: Arnel Joshua Lim
My running was ok on slippers except  for the lower calf strain that I felt in the first 10km. I assumed it was from the slippers, that, I took them off for the remaining distance. And, the pain vanished.

Now, we have a new design, and I shall put them to test tomorrow. While the society seems surprised seeing barefoot runners, for barefoot advocates, this kind of running is way better than wearing shoes.

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