Thursday, May 30, 2013

Elegant Barefoot Slippers

On most cases, barefoot running requires nothing; but, since I am new to unorthodox unshod runs, I could only be more cautious. So, with medical plasters around my toes, I settle for the advises  of barefoot veterans which include smaller but faster steps to propel me forward.

my first 21km race on bare feet

But, when we happen to see barefoot slippers online but just simply too expensive to purchase, we have to make our own customized barefoot slippers and claim them.
my first barefoot slipper only with loose shoe laces and random beads at home
So, with available long shoe laces, old collection of beads, and some soles from local stores, we crafted our own slippers.
customizing my slippers to different colors and beads available

adding more color and intricacy to my slippers
There are no hard rules for the design. I guess the idea is just to be creative about it and make sure that the accessory won't unnecessarily stop you from running.

red big beads fro a lady friend - runner

We used only shoe laces and thicker threads. I shall soon used nylons, so, I can fancy the designs some more.