Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Make Your Own Barefoot Slippers

shoe soles
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Making your own barefoot slippers are easy. In fact, you can do these all by yourself and with the right materials on hand, an hour or two would suffice to start your own barefoot slippers.

So, what do you actually need? You must have the following:

  • inner and outer slipper / shoe sole. Look for leather or rubber thin sole
  • rubber / leather glue to hold the shoe lace with the soles 
  • long shoe lace
  • easy - grip utility knife from
  • pen
  • sole puncher


  1. Measure your feet on the outer sole.
  2. Cut the sole around the measurement. Give a half inch allowance.
  3. Cut the inner sole;
  4. Rub some rubber / leather glue on outer soles;
  5. Punch  the middle  hole on your inner sole;
  6. Rub some glue on your inner sole and attach your shoe lace;
  7. Leave the soles for 20 - 25 minutes of air dry depending on your glue;
  8. Patch the soles together.
  9. Punch   the outer soles;
  10. Fit your slippers and wrap your shoe laces into the outer holes. 
  11. Run on these slippers and adjust if necessary.