Friday, May 17, 2013

Wanted: Zumba and Yoga Apparel

As part of my cross training for running, I join Zumba and Yoga for added flexibility, stamina, endurance and at least, not get too focused with running and get bored.

my zumba fit and sometimes for yoga too;
from Kreativ Boutique; photo credits: Arnel Joshua Lim
But, with all the running, zumba and yoga at least 2x a week, getting all the right apparel seems scarce and stressful. So, in between my aerobic workout apparel, I use my old running singlets but of course, with drawback.

Wearing the right apparel during a workout can make the routine more comfy and easier. And, as you groove with all the music among others, your apparel shall be the least of your concerns.

So, scout at shopping centers near you, or even check online for the most appropriate attire and just nail the workout fun and nice.