Sunday, June 23, 2013

Biking Apparel 101 and Safety Tips

my fellow runners who are into biking for triathlon
I have been biking on and off and I  say I am always afraid of downhill and unsteady road.  But, as my friends began  pursue triathlon, marathon seems a remote goal already.

My fear only took its toll when a supposedly short fun trail bike gone worst as I biked through a winding rocky off - road with poor brakes and too scared for the unstoppable speed until I lost my grip and hit the ground bruising all my body including my face and  hurting my fingers bad that I cant move them. Good thing though that I didnt hurt my head.  Thanks to my helmet.

So, I am writing article to warn newbie bikers not to commit my same mistakes.  The following are basic safety gears and tips which I believe are essential.

  1. Biking is a skill and with that it requires regular practice. One must get used to biking and be familiar with the gears like front and bike brakes and when to use them. I never use my front bike except for almost to stationary halt.
  2. Invest on good bikes and safety gears including quality helmets (full - faced),  spine guard, elbow and knee pads and safety hand gloves.  While they seem to be expensive, they are worth your money and life. Make sure you will check reviews of what you should buy.
  3. Never bike instantly on the the road with  traffic. I get at ease if I bike on empty road with my fingers steady on the brakes. I gradually bike on busy roads but I let my partner head the way especially if I have to traverse on intersections.
  4. While courage is a thing in biking, safety should not be compromised. So, check your brakes, the trails, your safety gear before you hit the road.
  5. It is important that you bring first aid kit too with your cellphone. And, make sure that you inform your loved ones of where you shall be heading. In the event of accident, apply first aid right away or seek immediate help. 
I shall see my doctor tomorrow and pray that his medications and rest can make me up and biking soon.