Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go For Waterproof Fashion

Now that rainy season has finally kicked in the Philippines and since schools have started as well early this June, we can't help but be anxious of how we should stay dry from the flood or pouring rain.

You can try the following practical tips:

  1. Go for waterproof shoes. If these aren't possible because of budget or access to these kind of shoes, you can practically bring with you your slippers or boots.
  2. Keep your fancy umbrella handy. There are bendable umbrellas that you can just sack in your bag.
  3. Bring a raincoat if possible. If this is bulky, there are disposable lightweight raincoats for emergency.
  4. Wrap your electronics and important papers in waterproof plastic.
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  5. Regularly check weather forecast. Be updated from local or national news or check online weather forecasts.
  6. Lastly, wear waterproof make-up for all - weather beauty everyday.