Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Marathon Training and More

trail running on Sinawal
I am helping fellow runners prepare for their first half and full marathon.  While I am not the most eligible runner to coach them about running faster and injury - free, I can only make use of my actual marathon experience and make sure that my training lapses and some strengths can be of good use.

We now follow the Runner's World Run Fast, Run Less programs and will have to see if indeed it can work wonders.  We make use of the city's sports tracks and stairs for speed works and good thing though that with some upbeat music, the training becomes less draining.

On alternate days, we do tempo run and long runs with cross  trains in swimming and core workouts.  A change of lifestyle, diet and vices, is enforced too.

Somehow, we need to log our progress to see how we are doing. So, come race day, it shall be judgment day for all of us.