Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spartan Fashion in Remote Community Service

We had the chance to help a T'boli community in Barangay Gasi, Kiamba. We were gracious that friends were able to help me raised more than 250 sets of school supplies to elementary students.

However, the route to the community was  never easy as the day was pouring making the road unpassable to vehicles. We have to cross a river to get to the road and since it was all  muddy, going barefoot was the way.

We had to wrap our stuffs in plastic bags and secure them from rain. Good thing though that we were comfy clothes but we were caught off - guard of the rain, so, we end up recycling big plastics as our rain coats.

We reached the community after an hour of walk and we were glad that the community had welcomed as warmly. We didn't waste time anymore and started giving the supplies. My kid was more than proud that he was able to help.

We can only hope that we can provide more for the community including medical supplies and services, arts and crafts and learning gadgets among others.

The T'boli culture is rich with their culture and this is as colorful as their woven clothes and music.