Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Zumba Party

 After a full month of rest from yoga, zumba, and biking, I could only resort to running of short distances since I broke my hand and beaten from a bike crash.

But, the abstinence can only make me anticipate to attending Zumba  sessions in between my full - time class, student load, running trains, and store works among others.

So, in spite of the encased hand, I could only groove harder to sweat out. And  with a blast of funky and butt - grooving music from fender princeton, I could only enjoy more.

After two hours of hard zumba, I  felt the strain from my upper torso and had gone worse the following day. I can only look forward to the next Zumba party with friends and fellow Zumba fanatics.

Yoga Apparel Basics

at Marichi Yoga Camp

Yoga is a low - impact activity that can quite do good on your weight loss program and stress management alternatives.

While this may seem unpleasant for some who have a stiff flexibility like me, it can be like any activity that simply  needs regular practice and mastery.

yoga on non - cotton top and cotton bottom

Yoga apparel may be as simple as any non - cotton apparel that can keep your sweat away. But, with all the yoga stances that you can probably do, wearing the most appropriate yoga apparel can be only be necessary.  You don't want to have all your clothes heavily soaked and loaded.

Yoga at the beach

Depending on where your yoga session will be held, your apparel may be a pair of dry - fit comfy tops and leggings ( long or short).  For some who want to add style and privacy, a loose see - through cover can be added.

With all the pouring sweat and disgruntled hair from an hour or so of stances, a head turban can be helpful.  Make sure too that you have your towel to dry you off and loads of liquid to hydrate.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bags

We have a good number from Kreativ Boutique whether we have Michael Kors bags and we could only reply none although we have authentic Michael Kors' watches.

Michael Kors fashion collection is pricey ranging from almost  coins and hundred  dollars to thousand and if one sells you an MK at  unreasonable price, get the red - alert sign high because you may be getting a fake.

an original MK from official website of Michael Kors
 The quality of leather must be uncompromised and this includes the quality of thread, zipper and lining. If they look cheap or  asymmetrical or without the MK markings or Michael Kors symbols, then you have a fake.
As I write this post, MK bags are said to be be made in USA but some bags lately are made in China for company's strategic move. Irregardless of the site of production, utmost quality is seen.

The hardware of MK  comes in silver and gold tone and if the bag comes anything less, then, it's a fake.

Buy only from legitimate dealers of MK and should you buy online, read first reviews and return policies of the seller.

You can check authentic MK's from store outlets or their official Michael Kors'  website and compare their features from the fake ones.

Lastly, it pays to be careful as we don't want to waste our good hard - earned money on a knock - off.


How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags
How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Handbags

Wearing the Right Trail Run Apparel

We recently ran a trail of 13 kilometers cruising through muddy terrain, surging rivers, and  grass blades. While I am used to running trails, I could still have lapses and I could only share the don'ts and do' should you like to do a trail run.

Team Matutum trail runners

Here are the tips:

  • Know the trail. Knowing the trail will help you best find the most appropriate trail run apparel. So, check if the trail is all rough road, through creeks or rocks or deep forest.

trail run to Manero's, Brgy Mabuhay
loose rocks on 500m-high terrain
  • With the trail, wear arm sleeves ( or long sleeves - dry - fit apparel), running pants or shorts.
  • It would do you good if compression pants or leg sleeves can be worn.
  • The trail can be stiff if the soil has become muddy or heavily filled with  rocks. The choice for trail shoes then is a major plus.
  • If running uphill can be a toil, a hiking stick can be essential.
  • Never fail to put on sun block, wear an all - weather coat should the temperature drops or the rain begins to pour.
  • Bring a first - aid kit.
  • Bring more than enough hydration supplies - water and food for anticipated hours of trail run.
  • Lastly, make sure that you know the trail or at least bring a guide and let your family know where you shall be running.