Monday, July 29, 2013

Wearing the Right Trail Run Apparel

We recently ran a trail of 13 kilometers cruising through muddy terrain, surging rivers, and  grass blades. While I am used to running trails, I could still have lapses and I could only share the don'ts and do' should you like to do a trail run.

Team Matutum trail runners

Here are the tips:

  • Know the trail. Knowing the trail will help you best find the most appropriate trail run apparel. So, check if the trail is all rough road, through creeks or rocks or deep forest.

trail run to Manero's, Brgy Mabuhay
loose rocks on 500m-high terrain
  • With the trail, wear arm sleeves ( or long sleeves - dry - fit apparel), running pants or shorts.
  • It would do you good if compression pants or leg sleeves can be worn.
  • The trail can be stiff if the soil has become muddy or heavily filled with  rocks. The choice for trail shoes then is a major plus.
  • If running uphill can be a toil, a hiking stick can be essential.
  • Never fail to put on sun block, wear an all - weather coat should the temperature drops or the rain begins to pour.
  • Bring a first - aid kit.
  • Bring more than enough hydration supplies - water and food for anticipated hours of trail run.
  • Lastly, make sure that you know the trail or at least bring a guide and let your family know where you shall be running.