Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yoga Apparel Basics

at Marichi Yoga Camp

Yoga is a low - impact activity that can quite do good on your weight loss program and stress management alternatives.

While this may seem unpleasant for some who have a stiff flexibility like me, it can be like any activity that simply  needs regular practice and mastery.

yoga on non - cotton top and cotton bottom

Yoga apparel may be as simple as any non - cotton apparel that can keep your sweat away. But, with all the yoga stances that you can probably do, wearing the most appropriate yoga apparel can be only be necessary.  You don't want to have all your clothes heavily soaked and loaded.

Yoga at the beach

Depending on where your yoga session will be held, your apparel may be a pair of dry - fit comfy tops and leggings ( long or short).  For some who want to add style and privacy, a loose see - through cover can be added.

With all the pouring sweat and disgruntled hair from an hour or so of stances, a head turban can be helpful.  Make sure too that you have your towel to dry you off and loads of liquid to hydrate.