Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spotting Fake Sony Music Players and More

I once had a waterproof  music player from Sony  for my running and outdoor events. However, after a month of use, I lost it while running a long distance with fellow runners.

Sony Music Player can be quite pricey; my Sports water proof MP3 costs about 5000.00 and to see the same gadgets sold at much cheaper rates can be quite alarming.

So, how do we spot the fake from original music player? This might help:

photo source:

  • Price. Check the commercial rates of what you should buy. There can be a local Sony Center with a wide exhibit of their gadgets. Take note of the price of a real one and if  you are sold to something cheaper, be very weary.
  • Physical Characteristics. Just like wampler ego at musician's friend  that  would look good if original, check out distinct features of an original gadget, from color  to capacity.
  • Quality.  While quality and price can be relative, one can't get much from a cheap gadget. I bought 3 new cheap music players but they only lasted, no more than 6 months. So, if you want something to last, get only from a legitimate dealer.