Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tacurong City's Talakudong Half - Marathon Plus More

After being sidelined for three months from my usual activities after having bike crashed breaking my  fourth  metatarsal,  I registered for my first 21km race in Tacurong City.

Good thing now that almost everything is visible and accessible online including reid's site and with that registering to runs can be quite handy.

with fellow Team Matutum runners along with Marvel Runners
With only short runs as I had my hand encased, I couldn't run longer  than 10km because of the swell. So, normally my races only include 5kms.

However, as soon as I was out from my cast, I joined the bike races including a duathlon of bike and run.

trying to sustain the pacing after a long run 
I started slow and began my faster pacing minding my pedometer and how my breathing and legs went. My triathlon training keep me in shoes and so, I  had to get used to running to barefoot again. I have to commend barefoot running as it indeed correct my running form.

landing 6th place
I ran continuously and did negative splits as I did my U - turns to the finish line. I finished the race at my fastest, 2:09 and except for the blisters from wet shoes, I am feeling ok, relieved in fact that I completed the race in spite of what I say without proper training in half marathon.
our traditional jump shot after a good run
With my time earlier, I say I am back to the loop and ready to train for another marathon come December.

Old Ladies on High School Uniform

After my masteral studies, I am back to school as I pursue the required 18 units for a licensure exam for teachers.

But, the schooling is more fun as my co - teachers in STI are joined with energetic and cool classmates. So, whenever we have requirements for a class, we normally end up having the same group.

we quite looked foolish but we loved wearing these fun, sexy high school uniforms
 So, when our most recent subject required a role playing for an exam, we geared up with a cool set of uniform from a local mall and we just had fun wearing it and the fact that we are re - living our high school days, we couldn't help but enjoy each moment.

playing fun on the underdog in our role playing
 With a short script to showcase an English class with illustration of Teaching Principles, we somehow nailed it with our natural and cool acts.

with our professor and our group mates
 So, if asked if going to school can be fun? I say yes although it can be burdensome as it gets in the way of training.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Triathlon Wannabe's Woes

Running  has always been my first love and will always be my passion but to improve my running skills I could only use cross training and that includes yoga, zumba and biking.

Having been able to bike, I could only dream to join biking races and would mean  joining triathlons too.  But, this dreaded sport can  be quite demanding to any one who wish to reach the finish line.

But, what does triathlon really require?  It needs A LOT!  We have to master each of the events and adjust to the transition. So, as we prepare for our next triathlon, we have to get used to shifting to bike - run, and swim - bike, and finally, the swim - bike - run.

So, with the downloaded program from the net and with a trusting antivirus like ESET endpoint anti virus  to make sure that my lappy will always be safe.

Squeezing training for triathlon and running can be more than a toll. However, there can be no race worth conquering unless I prepare for what I love - triathlon and running.

So, my schedule now includes a novice triathlon and marathon this year, and an ultramarathon next year. Will I able be to complete all the races? I simply don't know but I could train little by little and enjoy each moment of it with loved ones and friends.

Duathlon Suit Plus More

I recently joined the Tuna Fest Duathlon and the shift from a single event like to multi – sport like the events done in a triathlon can be more than demanding.

So, with my two - piece triathlon suit from a local group and only weeks - old broken hand, I  took the courage to run faster and to drive harder my mountain bike.

with my fellow team SBR duathletes
 The first 5km leg of run was indeed a rat race as runners did faster pacing, however, I only stick with an acceptable pacing as I knew I still have a 20km bike and 2.5 run left.

heading to the transition area from the bike leg

I left  slower runners behind, however, my biking skills and my heavy MTB were incomparable to the advanced biking skills and lighter road bikes.

from the 1st leg of the run
I finished the race in 1:46 landing third in my 35 - and - up age group.  My 2nd run was numbing after a  circuit 20km bike, however, trainings from run - bike - run helped a lot. If only my biking skills and lighter bike, I could have a much faster time.

Nevertheless, I quite love the experience of the duathlon race, and to sport on my triathlon suit along with my team comrades, I felt belong even though I hadn't tried a full triathlon yet.

So, come late quarter, I shall officially put on my triahtlon suit again and do the challenging swim - bike - run events.