Monday, September 9, 2013

Duathlon Suit Plus More

I recently joined the Tuna Fest Duathlon and the shift from a single event like to multi – sport like the events done in a triathlon can be more than demanding.

So, with my two - piece triathlon suit from a local group and only weeks - old broken hand, I  took the courage to run faster and to drive harder my mountain bike.

with my fellow team SBR duathletes
 The first 5km leg of run was indeed a rat race as runners did faster pacing, however, I only stick with an acceptable pacing as I knew I still have a 20km bike and 2.5 run left.

heading to the transition area from the bike leg

I left  slower runners behind, however, my biking skills and my heavy MTB were incomparable to the advanced biking skills and lighter road bikes.

from the 1st leg of the run
I finished the race in 1:46 landing third in my 35 - and - up age group.  My 2nd run was numbing after a  circuit 20km bike, however, trainings from run - bike - run helped a lot. If only my biking skills and lighter bike, I could have a much faster time.

Nevertheless, I quite love the experience of the duathlon race, and to sport on my triathlon suit along with my team comrades, I felt belong even though I hadn't tried a full triathlon yet.

So, come late quarter, I shall officially put on my triahtlon suit again and do the challenging swim - bike - run events.