Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Ladies on High School Uniform

After my masteral studies, I am back to school as I pursue the required 18 units for a licensure exam for teachers.

But, the schooling is more fun as my co - teachers in STI are joined with energetic and cool classmates. So, whenever we have requirements for a class, we normally end up having the same group.

we quite looked foolish but we loved wearing these fun, sexy high school uniforms
 So, when our most recent subject required a role playing for an exam, we geared up with a cool set of uniform from a local mall and we just had fun wearing it and the fact that we are re - living our high school days, we couldn't help but enjoy each moment.

playing fun on the underdog in our role playing
 With a short script to showcase an English class with illustration of Teaching Principles, we somehow nailed it with our natural and cool acts.

with our professor and our group mates
 So, if asked if going to school can be fun? I say yes although it can be burdensome as it gets in the way of training.