Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tacurong City's Talakudong Half - Marathon Plus More

After being sidelined for three months from my usual activities after having bike crashed breaking my  fourth  metatarsal,  I registered for my first 21km race in Tacurong City.

Good thing now that almost everything is visible and accessible online including reid's site and with that registering to runs can be quite handy.

with fellow Team Matutum runners along with Marvel Runners
With only short runs as I had my hand encased, I couldn't run longer  than 10km because of the swell. So, normally my races only include 5kms.

However, as soon as I was out from my cast, I joined the bike races including a duathlon of bike and run.

trying to sustain the pacing after a long run 
I started slow and began my faster pacing minding my pedometer and how my breathing and legs went. My triathlon training keep me in shoes and so, I  had to get used to running to barefoot again. I have to commend barefoot running as it indeed correct my running form.

landing 6th place
I ran continuously and did negative splits as I did my U - turns to the finish line. I finished the race at my fastest, 2:09 and except for the blisters from wet shoes, I am feeling ok, relieved in fact that I completed the race in spite of what I say without proper training in half marathon.
our traditional jump shot after a good run
With my time earlier, I say I am back to the loop and ready to train for another marathon come December.