Monday, September 9, 2013

The Triathlon Wannabe's Woes

Running  has always been my first love and will always be my passion but to improve my running skills I could only use cross training and that includes yoga, zumba and biking.

Having been able to bike, I could only dream to join biking races and would mean  joining triathlons too.  But, this dreaded sport can  be quite demanding to any one who wish to reach the finish line.

But, what does triathlon really require?  It needs A LOT!  We have to master each of the events and adjust to the transition. So, as we prepare for our next triathlon, we have to get used to shifting to bike - run, and swim - bike, and finally, the swim - bike - run.

So, with the downloaded program from the net and with a trusting antivirus like ESET endpoint anti virus  to make sure that my lappy will always be safe.

Squeezing training for triathlon and running can be more than a toll. However, there can be no race worth conquering unless I prepare for what I love - triathlon and running.

So, my schedule now includes a novice triathlon and marathon this year, and an ultramarathon next year. Will I able be to complete all the races? I simply don't know but I could train little by little and enjoy each moment of it with loved ones and friends.