Sunday, October 27, 2013

Triathlon Apparel Basics

My team SBR has finally seen the schedule of a triathlon novice race come December 15 in Davao City. A triathlon has various distances with sprint, Olympic and half – ironman categories as most popular.

Our schedule is somehow looks like this:

Monday – Rest / Swim(pm)
Tuesday – Run (am)/ Swim(am)
Wednesday – Bike (am)/ Swim(pm)
Thursday -  Swim/Bike (am)
Friday – rest/yoga
Saturday – long run
Sunday – swim / bike /run

Now that we have spent months of base trainings, we could only invest on the right apparel for the training and competition.

with my fellow triathlon trainees on our bike session

So, we bought running  dry – fit apparel for easy – dry clothes with running shoes, anti – blister shoes, and running cap.

For our cycling, a good padded – cycling shorts, cycling shoes ( for now, running shoes are our thing), and cycling tops for pocketed stuffs.

Our swimming  includes swimming cap, swimming goggles and paddles / pull bouy and fins.

Our  swim – bike – run cycle would require us any of the most convenient attire. I have my one – piece tri – suit, then, I guess I have to focus on training until race day and hope that our apparel would make us comfortable even if we buy new ones.

my new triathlon suits

The training could be quite a tedious and tough but it would help if friends and loved ones support you with your training, schedule, budget among others. It would help too if you have music player to help you do away  with the pressure.  

Taking a break would help too. So, find  good recreational activities as diversion, you can hang out with friends for a drink, go disco with hard music  among others, and simply loosen up.

Training is hard and tough work but personally I want fun in my training and to find a support system while doing it can be a big plus.