Monday, November 4, 2013

Who Wants a Singing Fashion?

My kid once received a tee - shirt a strange rectangular plastic sheet sewn on his cloth and when he pressed the button on the tail hem, it sings with a matching harmony of colors flashing! Now, I call that cool!

Wearing strange stuffs is way fun but I guess it is not for the mainstream but only for the ones who are bold enough to wear something unique.

Oftentimes, we can see funky fashion music - inspired fashion accessories and apparel with matching music equipment and gadgets including to  cheap evans drum heads drawn on shirts, caps, pants and more.

But, would you wear any singing apparel? I guess, it is really your fashion choice, your fashion statement. Well, special care of course is given to these special fashion and with that, we need extra focus.

Comfort Over Design Triathlon

Triathlon is indeed tough when you have to train for three disciplines of swimming, biking and running spontaneously.

So, it is relevant that one trains hard to be able to compete and to complete the race. The choice for triathlon suit is more than basic and necessary.

wearing my 2 - piece tri - suit from the duathlon race of bike - run - bike

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) Rules require that only a one – piece suit is allowed, but, in the Philippines, some races  allow a 2 – piece. Now, this is only practical since when natures requires to do your thing, taking off the entire suit can quite be a nuisance.

I guess if you are in the race proper, doing your thing can be least of your concerns. I guess for others, if they need to do their thing, then, they just have to do it anywhere possible.

So, before you attend any triathlon competition, do check if it is ITU - sanctioned because you really have to follow prescribed standards and that applies to triathlon suit.

Halloween – Costume Kwaknit Run

Every  Thursday, the Team Matutum of General Santos City holds a regular night run. This run aims to encourage newbie runners  to run or to walk until they get to full running for a an easy 5km route.

the Kwaknit Runners

This evening night run is free and we run in a prescribed color of the night and since the recent Thursday falls on a Halloween evening, we could run in our fun Halloween costume.

So, to add thrill to the run, we surprised establishments as we ran through restaurants and malls in our red blinking lights and scary costumes. While malls and other establishments play loud and cool music,  the people simply had fun. Of course, we won’t miss the evening without awarding the best dressed runners.

Until next run!

Winning Halloween Costumes

We are simply so proud to hear that our nieces and sister won from their Halloween Costume contest. With a self – made up, our sister won first place for the adult category.

The little ones bagged second place and third place too with their cute angelic and fairy costumes. So, in spite of our youngest niece on broken arm in a lightweight cast, she still looked amazing.

my two nieces (from left) on their winning costumes
The Filipino community,  the Akbayan, in Wisconsin annually holds Halloween Party as their reunion with other Filipinos.

So, congratulations ladies!