Monday, November 4, 2013

Comfort Over Design Triathlon

Triathlon is indeed tough when you have to train for three disciplines of swimming, biking and running spontaneously.

So, it is relevant that one trains hard to be able to compete and to complete the race. The choice for triathlon suit is more than basic and necessary.

wearing my 2 - piece tri - suit from the duathlon race of bike - run - bike

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) Rules require that only a one – piece suit is allowed, but, in the Philippines, some races  allow a 2 – piece. Now, this is only practical since when natures requires to do your thing, taking off the entire suit can quite be a nuisance.

I guess if you are in the race proper, doing your thing can be least of your concerns. I guess for others, if they need to do their thing, then, they just have to do it anywhere possible.

So, before you attend any triathlon competition, do check if it is ITU - sanctioned because you really have to follow prescribed standards and that applies to triathlon suit.