Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Party Fashion, Safety Tips and More

As soon as December comes in, we are invited to countless reunions, holiday parties, and endless shopping and dining that we sometimes overlook our safety, health, diet and lifestyle in general.

Bloggers' Party
 So, experts advice us to observe safety and healthy drinking or / and dining as we join our friends and loved ones in our countless holiday parties.

Try the following party and safety tips:

Fashion Tips:

  • Observe dress code as you join parties;
  • Pick happy colors like red or green ( or any themed color)
  • Bring extra beauty first - aiders like wipes for spilled drinks, or tissue papers for make - up blotches from all the fun;
  • Bring extra lingerie or toiletries  just in case you need to sleep over at your friend's place if you are so drank up to go home;
  • Have fun and groove with the party music and beats but be conscious of your apparel like if your tube dress has exposed more skin than needed. 

Safety Tips:
  • Lock your place  should you need to go out and leave your home alone;
  • Unplug all unused appliances to avoid fire and unnecessary electricity expenses.
  • Don't drive if you have drunk alcoholic beverages;
  • Never take or leave drinks unseen as party drugs may be used in your drinking glasses.
  • Inform your family of your whereabouts.
Health Tips:

  • Limit your alcoholic drinks;
  • Limit your food intake  as too much of anything is isn't good; 
  • Watch out for anything from food to other triggers  that may lead to your allergy attacks or other health concerns;
  • Don't miss your exercise for all the extra calories earned this holidays.
Holidays are for fun but these should not mean compromising our health and safety. So, MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND A BLESSED 2014.