Monday, December 23, 2013

Fashion and Gadgets (Not) Allowed in Triathlon

athletes in run - bike - run duathlon race
 Triathlon is one tough multi - sports race and quite strict too with the standards set for the three  successive events - swimming, biking and running.

Triathlon has been gaining popularity since 1980s and it has been well embraced by different races and age brackets just to see how their endurance would bring to finish line in one piece.

I recently completed my novice triathlon, and joined firsthand in a sprint triathlon but only in the run leg. And, from the race briefings held and actual race, triathlon is no joke to attend to.
triathletes in bike leg
So, since this multi - sport demands months of training, you have to get used to training only with the gadgets and accessories allowed.

The gadgets or accessories allowed are only the ones used for actual race. The following is the basic list:

- goggles
- swim cap

- helmet
- sunglasses
- hand gloves

- running shoes

completing my mini - sprint triathlon
While we may be used to training with music player, unfortunately, other gadgets like music player  is not allowed. This is for the fact  that music player may be too loud enough to hear race warnings that may compromise the triathletes.

But, after the race, savor your winning moment as you join your fellow triathletes in a post - race party with all the music, food and beer, cheers and yells for medals and finisher's goodies among others.

So, before you join any triathlon competition, make sure to know  the race essentials and what shouldn't be brought otherwise it may mean disqualification.

Train well for your upcoming triathlon but be safe and have super fun.