Saturday, December 21, 2013

Triathlon Fashion Trouble

completing the last leg of triathlon
I had trained harder than I should be as I  felt inadequate in my swimming. So, from the last two months prior to race day, I had to swim practically everyday including getting used to swimming in deep pool.

I had to rest also from running as I felt the leg strain from the last trail run. So, during race day, I had harder time running as I wore my extra - small triathlon suit that is one size smaller that it should be.  This made my running a struggle as I could hardly breathe.  I had used that extra small  triathlon suit only in swimming and biking but never in a three - event practice. So, wearing a triathlon suit not used during a practice is a major mistake.

Team General Santos City Novice Triathletes
So, when you need to compete, wear only triathlon suit and accessories that you had tried during training to avoid any mishap!

PS: I landed 3rd from the Overall Women's category with 35 seconds behind the champion..