Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why You Should Buy Only the Original Music Players

I recently purchased a low - end music player to at least make my long hours of training less boring. However, in a span of 1 week use, the unit has gone bad.  I was thinking that I was only wrong with my charging time.

I had to report the incident and was glad that I got a replacement but the incident  happened as the 2nd replacement was also defective.

my old  lost SONY mp3
This along with the three (3) other cheap music players I have had expired and gone to waste. It made me wish that I had not lost my original SONY mp3, I could have saved all the bucks for buying cheap ones.

So, the next time, you wish to save and be practical about music players and other music equipment or gadgets  go for authentic and new ones to assure you of quality standards, better performance and worth of your hard earned penny.