Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prom Fashion Tips and More

February is not just the month of love but it is also the time for Junior – Senior Prom.  The high school students can only be quite excited to finally ramp the red carpet on their best gowns.

dubbed as one of the most expensive tuxedo by Issey Miyake at $2,800 - a frequent designer for Steve Jobs

Make a practical check list then before the big day.  Here are the essentials:

  • hire a fashion coutorier for your gown or tuxedo
  • make sure that you will go refitting a week or days before the big day for adjustment
  • trust  only a professional make - up artist
  • agree with your parents, and friends where you would hang out after the prom if this is still needed.
  • find a partner for your big day
  • prepare only beauty essentials like lipstick, powder for retouching 
  • forget  the anxiety and just enjoy the night. 
  • enjoy the music and dance your heart out  with your friends
  • capture the moment with your camera
  • tell your parents when you can possibly be home. Arrange with them how you can go home too.
Simply have fun on your prom day because it could probably happen only once.