Friday, January 24, 2014

Wish List: Music Player for Triathlete

Having competed and trained  for marathons and triathlons, I could only wish that there are gadgets to help me in my training but within the reasonable budget.

I had once a SONY MP3 sports MP3 but was lost after a month having placed it battery - drained  around my husband's neck. The old MP3 magnetized could have help the gadget locked ( I wish my old Sony MP3 was magnetized).

Finis' XtreaMP3.1G  for triathletes / extreme sports enthusiasts

So, I could only wish that I could find a sports music player that fits my active lifestyle. For one, there is Finis' XtreaMP3 with 1GB  internal storage sold at $149.99. This is ideal for triathletes, kayakers, swimmers, surfers and others who go extreme.  Now, that is something to wish for.

Good thing though that there are online shops for music needs for easy and reliable shopping.

So, the pump your active  lifestyle with music beats!