Monday, February 17, 2014

Know Your Birthstones

Birthstones seem to bring good luck for some and while these may seem irrelevant to others, knowing birthstones according to your birth month seems an interesting thing to do.In fact, some suggest that birthstones do have healing powers.

Birthstones are believed to have started even centuries old  linking birthstones with the zodiac signs. Wearing one birthstone per month has only few centuries old. But, various sources have different birthstones that to make the list more standardized in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers and later was updated in 2002.

The American Gem Society has posted too a list of birthstones per month. Read here for details.

As posted on Wikipedia, the following is the table for birthstones:

For zodiac sign - based, the following is the list of birthstones as seen on Wikipedia.

The next time you buy your jewelry, you may want to add into your collection, buy your birthstones from local stores or from  birthstone rings   for the thrill and luck!

Welcoming My Dress Uniform

feels good on my first dress uniform
I am never at ease wearing dress because for one I don't have fine legs and now that I am into sports, the complexion of my  lower extremities aren't more good.

So, good thing that our dress uniform can go with black stockings. I am only more surprised that I was praised with how I look in my dress from the usual running shorts, biking leggings, triathlon suits or my regular work long pants.

Breaking the routine  can indeed make you look good and feel better.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Jewelry bought like from  jewelry store salt lake city  or handed down as heirloom  is undeniably precious and valuable. It is only important that we keep them clean, so, their brightness and sparkle can be maintained.

When we use our jewelry,  our skin acidity, sweat and dust among others can quite affect our jewelry set. So, how can we exactly clean them without depreciating their value.

Experts suggest the following:

  • You can choose a commercially available jewelry solution  and by following their procedures, you can keep your jewelry clean.
  • For homemade treatment, simply soak your jewelry in a lukewarm water with shampoo and soft brittle toothbrush can do the thing. 
  • Other household solutions Reader's Digest would include Alka - Seltzer immersion and soak in bowl with aluminum foil and liquid - bleach - free detergent like Tide.
  • You can use white vinegar for 10 - 15 minutes to for immersion. Brush after.
  • You can soak your diamond jewelry in 1 cup warm water with 1/4  cup ammonia for 15 minutes and soft brush afterwards.

Kreativ Boutique Promotional Teaser

As part of our marketing means, we have lunched our audio - video promotional ad courtesy of a fellow IT personnel.

Here is the video.

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Kreativ Boutique Supports Sam Milby and Sam Pinto Concert in GenSan City

For  post – Valentine celebration, Gaisano General Santos City has initiated a  free concert with song balladeer Sam Milby and actress / model  Sam Pinto today, February 16 at 3pm, Lagao Gymnasium and we could only  be prouder as Kreativ Boutique has  supported this cause as one of the sponsors.
So,  if you happen to in Gaisano, don’t fail to avail this free concert with the purchases you made from Gaisano.

Enjoy your Sunday then with some love songs and more, only from Sam Milby and Sam Pinto concert.