Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Top Summer Philippine Escapades

The first quarter of the year means summer time too in the tropical countries like the Philippines. And with the hot – humid air, we could only want to unwind in beaches, cool places like Baguio or outside the country, or simply do mall hopping.

I am listing here the places I loved so much and I am sure you too would enjoy.

If you happen to be in Manila, include Baguio in your best picks.  We happened to be coming from Pangasinan, so, we took the ride from Alaminos, Pangasinan and took another bus to Baguio. The 2 – 3 hour ride from Alaminos can be fun with all the scenery to watch for.

In Baguio, scout for budget – friendly rooms.  It would be smart if you have rooms with heater because the weather can really be cold and drop to  unwanted temperature.

at Camp John Hay, PMA grounds, Baguio

We visited the PMA grounds, Mine’s View Park, Burnham Park and took our meals wherever we had the chance.

Of course, we could only savor their local delicacies including Strawberry – flavored taho, jams, and fresh  strawberries among others.

Fail not to visit their night markets for some  “wagwagan” or thrift clothes for best picks.

Samal Islands, Davao

If you are just around Davao City, fail not to visit Samal Islands. It is just  15 – 30 minute boat ride from Davao City wharf.  There are several resorts in Samal Islands and if you are lucky, there are pick – up points from Davao City that shall transport you to the island. The last time we went to Samal Island, we headed to Blue Jazz. They have the usual resort amenities – rooms, pools, slides, short cable zipline, and resto – bar.

Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

Zamboanga City is an old Spanish – inspired city. Fail not to visit the city’s landmarks including Pasonanca Park, Paseo del Mar, Fort Pilar, and Abong – Abong Peak.

But, one of the best places I love and Zambonaga city’s pride is Sta Cruz Island. With a minimum group of  5- 10 guests, you can go at Paseo del Mar’s Tourism Office for 100.00 – 200.00 and the boat’s fee.
It would be smart to visit the place in the morning where the water can be serene and once at the island, enjoy the pristine white sand beach and clear waters.  Unfortunately, Sta Cruz Island is only for daytime stay.
The locals do sell cultured pearls and other water – inspired accessories at very minimal fee. So, grab these accessories for your souvenirs.

Puerto Galera, Mindoro
Sometime in 2010, we had the chance to visit Puerto Galera through Batangas Port. The  boat ride  was a bit tough from the strong current.

But, the  clear  water and beautiful scenery along Puerto Galera key resorts are all worth the trouble and trip. We tried fish feeding,  snorkeling and of course party in the evenings. One can wear their best swimwear including their fancy lingerie as the place is packed with foreign and Filipino tourists. You  can buy erotic lingerie for your best finds.

Good thing that there are rooms for budget – constrained tourists like us and their food  and souvenirs are budget – friendly too.

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

If  you want to like to commune more with nature, fail not to visit Lake Sebu for their various dishes of Tilapia, zipline to see the magnificent falls of Lake Sebu and the cool souvenirs from the T’boli locals.
The resorts  are situated along Lake Sebu and with the cool weather and nice sight of this one large lake, your stay here can be quite fun and reflecting.

Glan, Sarangani

Of course, I wont miss to include the beautiful beaches of Glan. With clear waters and white sand, summer escapades can be fun in this south – side of the area. With one hour ride from General Santos City, you can check – in to strings  of resorts but for  SarBay Fest week, sometime in May, better book ahead because
fine and white beach of Gumasa, Glan

Glan is simply full – packed of beach goers for a lot of beach activities including night concerts, beach games and more.