Monday, March 17, 2014

Xterra 2014 Triathlon Hype

Just recently, my fellow triathletes from Tri-Generals hailed mainly from General Santos City had joined the much coveted trail triathlon from Vaseline Xterra recently concluded from Liloan, Cebu.  I can't help but just be proud of all the participants as they hurdled a very technical terrain.

General Santos City's Tri-Generals Xterra Warriors - Winners

Last year, a fellow comrade who joined the Xterra Lite of shorter distance had a bike mishap cutting his knee and endured it until the end of the race.
Vaseline Xterra 2014; photo source: Xterra Philippines

This year, my lady comrade had her bike steer cut in two while another fellow had a bike trouble too along the trail. But, all ended well as some of my teammates even made it to the podium and won!  Now, that is something to brag out!

Triathlon is a multi - sport event covering swimming, biking and running done successively. This is a highly strenuous event that requires strong discipline, budget and training programs that cover practically the entire week.

The Xterra Triathlon has long started late 1990's in Hawaii and has gained so much popularity that it conquered other parts of the globe including New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, and Philippines among others.

This year, Dan Hugo of South Africa and Renata Bucher head the Xterra Philippines 2014. For race results, click here.