Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ms Philippines Crowns as Ms Universe 2015

In spite of the controversy around the wrong pronouncement of winner, the entire Filipinos celebrate as Ms Philippines Pia Alonzo wins the Ms Universe crown.

Here is the Youtube video for the announcement and the epic apology of Steve Harvey.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kreativ Boutique On Store Wide Holiday Sales

In time for the Christmas holidays, we at Kreativ Boutique are sending you our best wishes with our storewide sales of up to 70% on great collections.

Kreativ Boutique
Check us at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano Mall, General Santos City.

perfume collection for him and her from Victoria Secrets, Adidas, Pink and more!

leather belts on the grabs!

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bags on sale too!

coach sling bags here!
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hollywood Halloween

How did your Halloween go?

Did you or your loved ones dressed in some scary costumes for trick or treat?

I couldn't help but wonder how the Hollywood celebrities highlighted the halloween. My favorite though is Kourtney Kardashian as Wonder Woman with her children as mini - super heroes.

Kourtney Kardashian with her family
photo source:

For your full gallery, click here.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Monster Make - Up Tutorial

What seemed to be frightened and before is now celebrated and anticipated about.  Just recently, I saw kids at the local malls on their Halloween costumes with their pumpkin bags and goodies.

And, the companies are not falling behind as they hold their Halloween party, so, just in case you want a blast with your costume with complementary make - up, here is one tutorial by goldiestarling you should not miss.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Running With Buddy is Good For You

Running can be quite a toil if done alone while this may not be true for some runners though but when you are just starting, having a running companion can give you the (un)solicited boost especially if you need to train for races.

While running companions ain't too needed among men, it is quite necessary for women especially if trainings are done outside safe zones, like road or trails.

I was once lucky that my husband used to join me in my training especially if training would start as early as 12 midnight or 2am where streets are dark and elements can be quite unpredictable.

running with kid on one of my trainings

It is then important that women should join running clubs or at least run with partners or friends for safety.  In the absence of my husband,  I am more than fortunate that my friends join me in my insanity for running.  My swimming coach Louie Restauro who once weighed 120+kg is now aiming for 80+kg from regular runs with or without  me. My running friends normally join me in 2 - 4 training I have every week.

my running coach and swimming coach on trail buddy run landing in Top 10 teams

 If I have to run alone, normally, I simply traverse the running tracks of a local mall where other runners swarm the space. But, when I have to go further than 5km, running the road around 6AM is safer when the day is much clearer already.

More than 100+ runners, family and friends, joined the Team Matutum Trail Buddy Run
photo credit: Jong Co
So, last February 8, with the initiative of  Theresa, my gym buddy, and Team Matutum fellow Board of Trustees and other runners, we concluded a 10km - trail buddy race where partners, spouses or otherwise, can start and finish the race covering the beautiful trails of Barangay Olympog where runners can witness the magnificence of Sarangani Bay and General Santos City atop Sanchez Peak with 700+m elevation.

an uphill can be too much, a buddy runner's push is warranted and lovely sight to see
photo credit: Theresa Ramirez
When runners run with buddies, the toil,  distance and terrain and fatigues, becomes immaterial. In fact, runners can solely forget about the pain when running is spent with training / running buddies. Nothing then is left except being inspired to move on and train more.

While in some occasions, buddies may be not of help, the blabbering of complaints for instance or the regular waiting, but needless to say, training or running companions do matter.

the delight of finishing a race with your spouse; partner couples in running and triathlon
photo credit: Theresa Ramirez

I have seen spouses like Gelyn and Joselito Ninofranco who have become aces in Triathlon and Running and  who compete together and training sessions become bonding sessions. When your spouse shares your passion, she / he can understand better the need for training time. In fact, one serves as a boost before and during races.

Kuya Destry and Maam Gina, one of the couples I quite admire for their support and care for one another 
Running brings out the best from any runner, recreational or otherwise, and to have a constant training buddy can fully motivate you to do more than you are capable of doing. For instance, Kuya Destry and Maam Gina are couple and around 50+ years old but had competed together in biking and running races. I once joined them in the 60KM ultramarathon in Camiguin last 2014.

Buddies may be your sibling or parents or children as in the case of a running orthopaedic doctor, Rizaldy Nolasco and his son, lawyer families Atty Josemar and Atty Elvie Albano, drinking comrades Badok, Norman, Team NCDON and the Braveheats or Body Kinetix event organizer Jong Co with his lovely daughters competing in run and triathlon races. I could name names of running families, team, friends  more than my fingers and toes combined and I could only be more delighted to see them all on the road or trail running and having fun together.

father and son and running comrades on a trail race

So, when getting up seems impossible to do to hit the road and run, contact your best buddy or drag your partner off the bed and just run.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kalilangan 2015 Duathlon Invades GenSan

The Kalilangan Festival of General Santos City is one of the festivals tourists, local or otherwise to look forward to with all the festivities that swarm the streets.

One of the highlights includes  the multi – sport that begins to become the hype of  the locals and towns within General Santos premises.

Last year, Kalilangan lured triathletes as Body Kinetix, a GenSan – based event organizer, held a successful sprint – distance triathlon competition.

This year, Kalilangan shall once again have a colorful feather on its cap as Body Kinetix will be holding a duathlon, a  variation from the usual 3 – sport events.

The duathlon dubbed as Dagan Sikad Dagan  set on March 1 shall cover  a standard distance of 10km run – 40km bike – 5km run around General Santos City  streets.

With over PHP 60,000.00 prizes at stake, the duathlon shall offer a fair competition for MTB and Road  bikers.

So, if you are interested,  you may register online, click here,  or fill up the downloadable form. For inquiries and more details, you may check Body Kinetix on Facebook.   

Monday, January 19, 2015

Team Matutum's Pre - Valentine Trail Run 2015

Running in General Santos City has always been fun and regular; thanks to strong efforts of former Police City Director Cedrick Train.

Practically, every month, the roads of General Santos City are swarmed with runners from all ages. The last national race was Milo Marathon 2014 set last November 16 with around 7000+ runners. I was more than overwhelmed as my own family joined me when they registered for 5KM category as I did my 21Km race.

But, more than the road runs, I personally prefer trail runs because of the scenic and exciting trails where each route is always distinct and unique.

Atop Sanchez Peak - U-turn for the trail race

So, come February 8, 2015, Team Matutum shall once again host a race but this time on the mountains of Brgy Olympog.

The route shall cover a 9KM+ loop of Balsinang; the trail includes stiff ascent and descent  plus superb view of Team Matutum, Sarangani Bay  and the city.

The trail run includes categories for duo runners and solo runner. If you wish to register, click here. The following are the basic race rules:

1. You have to run with a buddy - spouse, partner, friend, neighbor, parent, sibling. IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED THAT THE DUO - RUNNERS MUST WEAR THE SAME / IDENTICAL SHIRT.
LATEST UPDATE(January 20, 2015): BY PUBLIC DEMAND, WE ARE OPENING A SOLO - RUNNER CATEGORY WITH A REGISTRATION OF 150.00. Inclusions are the same with Buddy - Runners category.

2. Pay your registration fee of PH200.00 as a TEAM or PHP150.00 as a SOLO RUNNER at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano, not later than February 1, 2015. Only paid registrations shall be considered VALID. Definitely no refund for cancelled registrations.

3. This is an inato - trail run, meaning, you have to bring your hydration (water, extra food), and money to dispense other expenses before/during/after the race. Race hydration shall be provided at the finish line.

4. Only Top 3 teams and Top Man and Woman for solo category will be awarded with medals.

5. THERE SHALL BE 3 HOURS CUTOFF TO FINISH THE RACE. Only finishers shall receive a souvenir button and certificate.

6. Runners are expected to be at the BALSINANG BASKETBALL COURT before the 5AM GUNSTART. Runners may join the car pool on Feb 8 at 400-430am, Robinson's Mall to head to the venue. Runners must personally arrange their transportation before and after the race.

7. Race briefing shall be made before gunstart.

8. Possible route shall be posted later.

9. The trail run is a fun race; it is important then that your health and safety must be personally assured on top of the safety measures and reminders the organizers have set. By registering, you waive your claim against Team Matutum and its organizers for any untoward incident that may happen during the race.