Monday, July 25, 2016

Philippine SONA 2016 Fashion: Simpler

Unlike the State of the Nation Address or commonly known as SONA of the  predecessor of newly elected Philippine president Rodrigo, the first SONA of the president was considered modest compared to the red - carpet - Oscar's Awards - counterpart with all the elegant and expensive suits, long gowns that dressed the senators, congress people and other VIP guests.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in his 1st SONA
photo source: Internet

This year, the fashion wardrobe was rather simple if not spartan.  The nation before would actually drool on how fancy the guests were during any SONA but with the mandate of the President himself who wishes for no extravagance, then, guests were just in their elegant but simple wardrobe.

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I guess I commend the initiative of our President for simplicity and to focus more on what makes better public service instead of worrying fancy fashion that just shows off how big they are as politicians compared to faceless Filipinos --- my wishful thinking eh.