Monday, January 19, 2015

Team Matutum's Pre - Valentine Trail Run 2015

Running in General Santos City has always been fun and regular; thanks to strong efforts of former Police City Director Cedrick Train.

Practically, every month, the roads of General Santos City are swarmed with runners from all ages. The last national race was Milo Marathon 2014 set last November 16 with around 7000+ runners. I was more than overwhelmed as my own family joined me when they registered for 5KM category as I did my 21Km race.

But, more than the road runs, I personally prefer trail runs because of the scenic and exciting trails where each route is always distinct and unique.

Atop Sanchez Peak - U-turn for the trail race

So, come February 8, 2015, Team Matutum shall once again host a race but this time on the mountains of Brgy Olympog.

The route shall cover a 9KM+ loop of Balsinang; the trail includes stiff ascent and descent  plus superb view of Team Matutum, Sarangani Bay  and the city.

The trail run includes categories for duo runners and solo runner. If you wish to register, click here. The following are the basic race rules:

1. You have to run with a buddy - spouse, partner, friend, neighbor, parent, sibling. IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED THAT THE DUO - RUNNERS MUST WEAR THE SAME / IDENTICAL SHIRT.
LATEST UPDATE(January 20, 2015): BY PUBLIC DEMAND, WE ARE OPENING A SOLO - RUNNER CATEGORY WITH A REGISTRATION OF 150.00. Inclusions are the same with Buddy - Runners category.

2. Pay your registration fee of PH200.00 as a TEAM or PHP150.00 as a SOLO RUNNER at Kreativ Boutique, Gaisano, not later than February 1, 2015. Only paid registrations shall be considered VALID. Definitely no refund for cancelled registrations.

3. This is an inato - trail run, meaning, you have to bring your hydration (water, extra food), and money to dispense other expenses before/during/after the race. Race hydration shall be provided at the finish line.

4. Only Top 3 teams and Top Man and Woman for solo category will be awarded with medals.

5. THERE SHALL BE 3 HOURS CUTOFF TO FINISH THE RACE. Only finishers shall receive a souvenir button and certificate.

6. Runners are expected to be at the BALSINANG BASKETBALL COURT before the 5AM GUNSTART. Runners may join the car pool on Feb 8 at 400-430am, Robinson's Mall to head to the venue. Runners must personally arrange their transportation before and after the race.

7. Race briefing shall be made before gunstart.

8. Possible route shall be posted later.

9. The trail run is a fun race; it is important then that your health and safety must be personally assured on top of the safety measures and reminders the organizers have set. By registering, you waive your claim against Team Matutum and its organizers for any untoward incident that may happen during the race.



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To: Holiday Christmas Sexy Hair

I always love pony tail as it is convenient and hassle - free especially whenever I have to do my workouts.

But try something on your ponytail, here is one cool video for elegant hair style this holiday.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sarah Geronimo's Yes! Mag Most Beautiful

I am not surprised when a national magazine has chosen singer - actress Sarah Geronimo as  Yes! Magazine's Most Beautiful Star this 2014. She is one now of the ranks of Judy Ann Santos, Marianne Rivera, John Lloyd Cruz among the few who was chosen for the total package. 

Sarah Geronimo at Yes! Magazine Press Conference
photo source:

Sarah who started her career after winning from a local singing competition had captured the hearts of most Filipinos and with her humble personality in spite of her grand talents, I say, she quite deserves the title. 

I first wrote a blog article about Sarah Geronimo when she had her first concert in General Santos City. And, she is indeed a great performer. 

Other winners include Heart Evangelista, Iza Calzado, Daniel Padilla, Jericho Rosales, Gary Valenciano, Drew Arellano and Iya Villania.

Friday, July 25, 2014

UltraMarathon Fashion 101

Running a marathon is quite tough but running an ultramarathon is even tougher and crazy but for some who simply fell in love with running and with distance, they can only laugh about their ordeal and take pride of their accomplishments.

My crazy penchant for running is due to people I run with. With the challenge to just go farther every after race motivates me to go beyond my comfort zone and just try longer distances.

My first  60km ultra marathon was two years ago and I could only scorn that run as injury consumed me after lack of training, bad weather, poor logistics support and game plan. From then, I wanted to run smart.

67km ultramarathon around Camiguin Island landing 10th place

So, my first learning applies to wearing the right stuff for the distance.

  • Head gear. While this may be cumbersome to others, I find this necessary especially when weather is unpredictable. Ultra marathons take hours and hours and natural elements including dust, sun, insects and rain could wear you down. Make sure though that this gear is easy to dry off.
  • Running shirt and shorts. Some would wear compression suit and these too are good but the bottomline is simply to wear stuffs you are used to running and that you are comfortable with. Since I have to wear  my hydration bag that irritates my neck, I have to wear turtleneck max - cool top. 
  • Compression socks. These may be non - essential to short - distance runners but they are quite helpful to marathons and ultramarathoners as they help suppress muscle inflammation. Make sure though that you get the right sizes.You normally do this by getting the circumference of your calf.
  • Running socks. Bad socks can give you disaster. I had my own share of blisters when non - running socks were worn during my first half - marathon. Feeling pain while running is disturbing and one may resort to giving up if pain tolerance is not high. 
    more than 200 ultramarthoners filled the Camiguin road just after gunstart.
    I had to look for my running buddy lost in  the crowd.
  • Running shoes. While we are tempted to try what marketers advertise, the thing is buy shoes that suit your feet's natural arch and gait. Since I am semi - flat footed, I have to look for stability shoes and since I want to stick with midfoot running, midfoot - based shoes like Sketchers help. I love as well Adidas for its bigger toe box that is essential when feet become swollen from long running. Sports stores like Toby's provide running analysis to aid you with your shoe selection. Also, do remember that shoes normally last about 6 months for heavy trainings, so, invest on new shoes especially if you have impending races. I had to endure 5 hours of running my first marathon from heavily blistered feet from a pair of dilapidated  one - year old shoes.
  • Hydration bag / belts.While races do provide hydration points, it is smarter if you bring your own hydration bag / belts to house your hydration essentials. Estimate what you can consume for a given distance interval and simply replenish from hydration points. Make sure too that you have extra money and phone if necessary for emergencies. 
  • Safety essentials. Safety is relative and personal to a runner. While races may assure of marshals and security units,  runners must  only be conscious of their personal safety from incoming vehicle and natural elements. I had to swerve from running on dim roads of Camiguin, a heavily - forested island,  when a two - foot snake crossed the roads. Focus and presence of mind may be far - fetching when you are all tired from running the distances but all these  are inclusive of a race. 
Running an ultramarathon requires strategic planning and hard work. Great ultramarothers don't just cross the finish lines ahead of others without proper training and preparation. So, enjoy the distance, the toil, and the entire experience of ultra marathon because it is indeed life changing. For one, the long hours can make you reflect about life and appreciate your blessings whether scarce or abundant.

Good luck!

STI College General Santos on Rodeo Party

Every year, schools including my STI holds an acquaintance party to welcome the freshmen and to celebrate another school year with teachers and the entire studentry. But, STI GenSan is simply different as each year is pumped up with various themes.

This year, we shall be jazzing up a local mall as STI Gensan in rodeo. With all the pretty prizes that await the best rodeo outfit, door giveaways and various dance and song numbers from the student organizations and faculty will sure fire up the night. But, who will miss the accoustic music competition while the rest enjoys the dinner? With students on their drums, guitars and elixir strings bulk,along with their music piece, the  night indeed shall be fun - filled.

I haven't picked out yet what to wear. Perhaps, these fashion options I got from would help.