Friday, December 26, 2008

Latest Blog Shirt Prints

Para sa mga maganda at feeling maganda, tulad ko.hahahahha!
I had this print on my red blouse shirt last night.

Mang-inis ka on chocolate brown shirt!

Mang - inis ka ulit on a black shirt

Now, who could be guilty with this print?

Who can't be a blogger in love?

A Proud Blogger print on a lady shirt
Last night, December 26, the Socksargen Bloggers Community painted the town red with our Video K and eating!

A back-to-back print for bloggaholics like me

We gave away shirts for indoor prizes but we had the chance to sell as well blog shirts with new design prints. Ayel, one of the bloggers in Alabel, purchased from us 4 shirts for himself and for his blogger-students.Yepey!!! Sir Avel and Cheng, got their own share of the blog shirts too. Ate Jinky had made her order to be picked up on Monday as she wanted a bigger size of My Blog Rocks' print.

If you too wish to have any of these personalized, exclusive and limited editions shirts, contact us. They can come in different colors or shirt styles and sizes, unique to your tastes. They only range between Php 180.00-230.00. All worth it for every proud, wacky, fun, romantic and wala-lang blogger. Freight is very minimal, so these shirt still come cheaper than purchased elsewhere. Give us a buzz!

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