Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Customized Print Shirt for a Loved One

A couple shirt for Lainy's boyfriend

A blogger-friend, Elaine, had been asking us to print her a special shirt for her and her bf's anniversary as a gift. And, so we were happy enough to help her with the designs, colors and text. Before we went to Samal Island last weekend, we drafted the design already but we missed having a medium-size shirt. So, I told my partner that we had to go back ASAP as Lainy would want to send the shirt to Australia for her by Monday. We created this shirt for her Scott. We personally delivered the shirt, and we were just pleased that she loved the back-to-back print with the personalized texts.

Now, we have to make the partner shirt for Lainy, bearing the texts she wants to boost for her boyfriend. Her shirt will bear the texts, "Scotty's Princess" and "My Heart." We are just honored to be part of their love story!!!!!

We shall be making couple's shirts soon in time for Valentine's Day. You too can place your order. Your loved one will surely appreciate a customized shirt only for a VIP.